Photos and Videos taken

The Oppo Reno8 Pro supports Normal or AI enhanced modes for both photos and video shots.

In most circumstances, setting to AI will auto detect the scene and set the appropirate settings for the best shots.

For example, photos shots in Night mode will usually turn out brighter but that also introduce a bit more noise into the picture. Thanks to Marisilicon X, photos shots at night are processed within 2 secs. Just click ,snap and you are done. The photo mode allows a digital zoom of up to 20X.

As for video, the same technology is applied to filming in 4K video but somewhat it is restricted to only 30 fps when AI Highlighted Video is turn on. The max digital zoom is 10X.

Videos shot in low light is “highlighted” and brighter when Ultra night video algorithm kicks in. The EIS does help to stabilise the videos while recording while walking, the footages tends to flicker a lot. It is unknown why Oppo didn’t include a OIS into the Reno series.

By Harry