SiSoft Sandra 2011 Benchmarks

In our tests, we ran the A8-3850 processor on the motherboard at default and overclocked settings. The board is paired with 4GB DDR3 (2×2) running DDR3-1866-C7-8-7-20-1T running the processor at 2.9GHz (29 x 100)  After which, the board is overclocked to 26 x 135MHz. As the GPU clk runs at a ratio of the CPU CLK, any increase in the CPU CLK will also cause an increase in the GPU clk. At overclocked speed, the ram runs at DDR3-1800,C9-9-9-24,1T. Two other boards we make cross reference in this review are ASRock A75 Extreme6 and Gigabyte A75-UD4H.

In memory benchmarks, the board did well in this department with a score of 18 GB/s. Other boards we have tested only scored around 17 GB/s running the same ram timings on the Kingston Grey Series DDR3-2133 memory module. Although the memory module supports DDR3-2133, we aren’t able to boot at that ram speed.

As we used a CPU:MEM ratio for overclocking, it is not surprising to see a drop in memory bandwidth dipping to 17.28GB/s.

Memory Benchmark ASUS F1 A75-pro

In procesor arithmetic, the scores aren’t that different from other boards, scoring 38.7 GOPS and 46.15 GOPS slightly lower than other boards.

In processor multimedia, the score of 48.23 Mpixel/s is similar to two other boards we tested before. When it comes to the overclocked performance, the score of 77.53 really blow the competition away.

In media transcoding, the board outperform the two with a score of 606KB/s when overclocked. This is probably this is the only board we can squeeze to 135 x 26 while the two others can only do 133 x 26.

At default clk, the APU tests is slightly below than the two other boards. When it comes to overclocked state, it outperforms especially in the GPU (GPU/CPU) Processing, scoring 131.39 Mpixels/s compared to an average of 125.21 Mpixels/s on the two other boards. It also outperform in video rendering at 39.5 Mpixel/s compared to 38.6 and 39 Mpixel/s.