HD Tune Pro Read and Write tests (SATA vs USB)
We used HD Tune pro to check out the benchmark performance in read and write performance. This is done with the SSD connected directly to the SATA port of the mainboard.
As we can see, read is average around 154MB/s while Write is around 76MB/s. The burst rate is around 87MB/s and cpu utilisation range between 5.3%-8.8%.
The performance lags behind the MLC Intel X25-M which scores 197MB/s for Read and 78.9 for Write performance in this test. The Intel X25-M also has less jitters. (Ref #2)

SSD connected using USB
When the SSD is connected via USB, the performance dips due to the bottleneck introduced. The read is ~27MB/s while write is ~18MB/s. Burst rate is dropped to 27.5MB/s too.