HD Tune Pro Random Read and Write Benchmark (SATA/USB)

Random Read (SATA)

Transfer size does matter, a smaller transfer size gives a higher operations/sec but avg speed is the slowest.Random access gives us a better idea of how it performs. In this case, the READ is 284 IOPS with an avg speed of 3.5ms and speed of 144.591MB/s. The IOPS ranges from 284 IOPS to 3526 IOPS which is way lower than the Intel X25-M (ref 3) from 444 IOPS to 14917 IOPS.


Random Write (SATA)

As for Write, the performance is 207 IOPS with 3.7ms and 137.167MB/s avg speed for writing. The IOPS ranges from 148 IOPS to 2084 IOPS. The Intel X25-M ranges from 81 IOPS to 16671 IOPS.


Random Read (USB)  

When paired with USB, the performance is hampered by the USB bottleneck, read and write never passes the 30MB/s mark.

Random Write (USB)