Review Conclusion of Kingston SNV425-S2BN/64GB SSD
 SSD has improved over the years since it’s inception just less than 2 yrs ago. When we first used the Intel X25-M, we were quite delighted by the performance. At that time, MLC SSDs were expensive and not that affordable. With prices tumbling down in 2010, more users will be able to enjoy the speediness of SSD when it is used as a primary drive to boot up the system. In fact, it works as a data drive just that I would prefer the less IO intensive applications to run on the SSD.
In terms of performance, the READ performance is not as good as the Intel X25-M but the write performance has improved to reach 137MB/s (Random write). The is pretty remarkable for a value SSD. Nevertheless, the IOPS on the value series can’t match that of the Kingston M series drive.
In conclusion, I would recommend this product to those who intend to upgrade their notebook from HDD to SSD. By using a SSD, it also consumes less battery and extend your notebook usage. For higher performance, I would still prefer the M or E series from Kingston. 
Fast Write
Less heat

USB 2.0 slows down performance


Here are my ratings out of 10.

 Category Score
 Performance 8 / 10
 Features 7 / 10
 Ease Of Installation 9 / 10
 Overclocking Features
 Documentation 8 / 10
 Packaging 8 / 10
 Cost / Performance 9 / 10
 Overall Rating : 8.1 / 10