SiSoft Sandra 2010 Disk Benchmark

 Last week, we posted our review of the OCZ Vertex 2 60 GB SSD test results. In our test, we use the same SSD and pair it up with the enclosure using USB 3 cable plugged into the ASRock X58 Extreme Mainboard. We again test the benchmark using the same docking station, this time round, we plug the cable into a USB 2.0 port on the mainboard.

From the chart, we can clearly see the results of disk read/write benchmark using SiSoft Sandra 2010 using direct connection to the SSD from the mainboard’s SATAII port. When we dock it into the station, the performance went down to 157/169MB/s. This is expected as there is bound to be overhead involved converting between USB3<->SATA2. In USB 2.0 configuration, the performance is only 28/33MB/s for write and read.

The USB 3.0 speed is at least 5 to 5.5x faster than USB 2.0.


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