It can be clearly seen that the USB 3.0 docking station is a very fast and simple way to boost USB  performance connecting your HDD or SSD.  Judging by the performance, a USB 3.0 connection would give up to a maximum of 5 to 5.5x performance improvement over USB 2.0. If you save large multimedia files on HDD or SSD, this is really a time saver. Moreover, you can now just plug and remove the HDD unlike enclosures which you would need to unscrew using a screw driver.

Overall, I think this docking station is definitely a very niche product. From the device manager, we suspect it uses the Jmicron controller within. For performance wise, it can be furthur improve if they can consider alternative chipsets for bridging HDD/SSD to USB 3.0 . Secondly, the current connector is still a SATA 2.0, it might be better to use a SATA 3.0 in future design.

We give this product our Editor’s Choice Award.

You can download download the latest firmware here to ensure compatibility with Intel USB 3.0 controllers found on new Intel Z77 boards.


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