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ASUS P4P800S-E ASUS P4P800S-E is based on the 848P chipset to capture the user base where they prefer Intel brand and would not want to invest additional RAM modules where price is a factor. An additional feature on this board is the Wi-Fi card that comes with the package. You can use this card to login to an access point. The most interesting thing about it is that it can be turned into a software access point !

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GEiL DDR533 (PC4200)GEiL DDR 533 (PC4200) RAM Module on the ASUS P4P800S-E Intel 848P mainboard (single channel). The module has amazing performance running at 1:1 at 280MHz FSB without a hitch. Check out the review for more benchmarks and test results.

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DFI LanParty 865PEOverclocking wise, it has a almost everything you need. FSB can be adjusted from 100 ~ 400Mhz at 1mhz stepping. AGP can be FIX at 66. There are settings to PATCH like those like PAT on 875P. This makes the 865PE performing at 875P levels.. In our tests, we ran the P4 2.4C and overclocked it up to 3.1GHz at 260MHz using a pair of 512M Corsair TwinX 4000-1024. You can click here to find out how far we managed to get the system stable using this two sticks of RAM.

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Corsair TwinX 1024-4000We ran the dual sticks at 250MHz,SPD (C3,8-4-4) and it works very well. What that means is that it performs as rated. The next thing we did was to overclock it further than the spec. ratings. We increased the FSB further to 255 and later 260. At 265, the system was unstable and Quake 3 failed at that speed. We decided to lower it back to 260MHz and found it to be extremely stable.

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Gigabyte Radeon 9800XT

Gigabyte Radeon 9800XT Powered by ATI’s Radeon 9800XT GPU with 256MB DDR memory it is sure to give great performance for 3D gaming to digital and video cinematography. It supports the latest standards, AGP8x, Directx9.0 and OpenGL1.5.Read More >>>

SOYO K8USAK8USA Dragon Ultra features support for the AMD Socket-754 Athlon 64 Based on ALi M1687 Chipset supporting 400 MHz FSB, DDR400/333, 6-ch audio, 8X AGP PRO, overclock capability, 10/100/1000 Mbps Giga LAN, USB 2.0, Serial ATA, IEEE 1394. Not only that the package also comes with embedded ALI M5283 RAID chip, provide Two channel serial ATA and One channel parallel ATA with RAID 0,1. What that means is that you can have IDE RAID and SATA RAID + normal IDE.

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ASUS P4S800D-EP4S800D-E has one of the most complete solutions out there. It features almost everything you need including Gigabit Ethernet, 4 SATA ports, 2 IDE channels, 1394, 8 x USB 2.0, AGP 8x, DC DDR400, ADI 6 channel audio, S/PFDIF Out. There is also the optional Wi-Fi slot ready to turn your board into a software access point.

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Microsoft Office 2003
Gigabyte 5950FX Ultra
ASUS K8V Deluxe
Powercolor Radeon 9800XT
Gigabyte GO-M1600A 16X Multimedia DVDROM
ABIT KV8-Max 3
SiS 755 A64  Ref Board
Chaintech FX-71 FX5600Ultra
ABIT DiGiDice AB-2003 i865G SFF
BIOSTAR iDEQ 200P Athlon64 SFF
VIA K8T800
SIS 655FX Ref
Gigabyte K8VNXP K8T800
Gigabyte K8NNXP nForce3
Ennyah Digisound MP3 Player
ALi M1687 Athlon 64 K8 Reference Mainboard
Sagem MyX-6 Review
Gigabyte 7VT600-1394
Dell Axim PocketPC PDA
ECS PF1 i865PE
ASRock P4i45PE i845PE
NEC E606 3G Mobile Phone
Black IceMat
Gigabyte Radeon 9800Pro 256M
SonyEricsson T610
DFI Lanparty NF2 Ultra nForce2
Serverlink SL-451 4 PORT SOHO KVM Switch
Interview with Gigabyte 26th June
Buffalo PC3700 DDR 24th June
Gigabyte 7NNXP 19 Jun 2003
Epox 8RDA3+ 17 Jun 2003
Samsung V200 16 Jun 2003
ABIT IS7-G with GAT Technology 12 Jun 2003
Intel 865PE fast bypass path of memory controller enabled when overclocked at FSB800! 10 Jun 2003
ASrock K7S8X-E 9 Jun 2003
ABIT IC7-G 4 Jun 2003
SiS 748 Ref 2 Jun 2003
SiS 648FX Ref 23 May 2003
Springdale 4 way shootout – ASUS, EPoX, FIC, Chaintech 21 May 2003
GIGABYTE R98P R9800Pro 9 May 2003

EPoX 4PCA3+ 6 May 2003 –
Barton 400 vs P4 800 29 Apr 2003 –
Windows 2003 Server 24 Apr 200 –
Gigabyte 8KNXP 22 Apr 2003 –
AOpen AX4C Max 21 Apr 2003 –AX4C Max comes equipped with  lots of nice features – 4 SATA ports with RAID, Dual Channel DDR400, Die Hard BIOS, 6 channel audio, AOpen innovative Hercules PCI slot (Blue PCI slot), Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet, 1394 etc.
Samsung S300 18 Apr 2003 –

Finished in metallic silver and clam shell design, this phone has a small dimension of 80 x 40x 20mm in size and weigh only 70 grams. It has a dual colour screen, the internal UFB 65K (128 x 128 pixels) colours screen is bright and clear.

Tyan Tachyon G9700Pro 15 Apr 2003 –G9700Pro, featuring the Radeon 9700Pro VPU is one of the fastest supporting DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL 1.3. With 128M of DDR memory, it allows faster rendering of complex 3D graphics and gaming.
ECS Desknote A980 14 Apr 2003 –ECS Desknote A980 can be regarded as the latest member of the desknote series. With a slew of important capabilities that will make you drool for one. Featuring the SiS 651 chipset, it supports the latest P4 3.06HT processor (conventional CPU, non-P4-Mobile). With the demand for better 3D, Desknote A980 comes equipped with a Geforce 420 GPU in replacement of the integrated video the chipset provides.
ASUS P4C800 14 Apr 2003 –P4C800 comes with AI functions. AI as its names implies stands for Artificial Intelligence or ‘ASUS Intelligence’. With built-in artificial intelligence, you can enjoy user-friendly and hassle-free PC experience. Currently AI features include:
AI Audio, AI NET, AI Overclocking, AI BIOS
and more in the future…
ABIT NF7-S 5 Apr 2003 –  With the nForce2 MCP2-T, the APU (Audio Processing Unit) delivers Dolby Digital 5.1 cinematic-quality sound and 3D positional audio to your home PC. S/PDIF connector is also available at the back panel for digital out. A 10/100Mbps LAN is supported for instant connection to broadband internet. USB 2.0 and 1394 are available through brackets. SoftMenuIII is in for the best overclocking experience on this board.

Shuttle MN31N
31 Mar 2003 – Shuttle is probably well known for its small form factor boards and its successful line of products. From our past experience, we always feel that uATX board has nothing worth talking about. They probably lack many nice features that are readily available on the ATX equivalent. uATX boxes are especially popular in Asia as space is scarce.

EPoX 4PEA800
29 Mar 2003 – The board’s features are quite standard except the BIOS which allows a wide range of voltage adjustments and FSB. CPU Vcore adjustments are necessary if you wish to overclock your CPU. The FSB range is from 90 ~ 250 at 1Mhz stepping with mutiple options to run in async mode DDR333 and unofficial DDR354. On the EPoX 4PEA800, you can select up to +0.35v of the default voltage. That is to say a possible 2.00v can be supplied to your P4 processor. AGP voltage up to +0.70v of default. e.g. up to 2.2v from 1.5v. On DIMM voltage, EPoX 4PEA800 allows you to set it up to +0.7v of default which is 3.2v.
Samsung T400 65K colour Dual Band phone 25 Mar 2003 -Finished in metallic silver and clam shell design, this phone has a small dimension of 80 x 42 x 21.5mm and weigh only 80grams. This phone comes equipped with a 128×144 pixels (internal) 65K TFT colour screen which displays vivid colours and a second external black & white LCD which shows the time and other information.

On top of that, 40 polyphonic channel ringtones can be personalised for specific phonebook entry. The ringtone is very loud and not only MIDI tones can be programmed, voice can be programmed into the ringtone as well using third party software like psmplayer. The ringtones are very loud and clear.

Gigabyte 7VAXP-A Ultra KT400A Mainboard 23 Mar 2003 -Continuing the success of the 7VAXP KT400 board, Gigabyte launches The KT400A 7VAXP-A Ultra based on the VIA KT400A chipset. Gigabyte 7VAXP-A Ultra is definitely one of the top “all-in-one” board that would appeal to those who loves technology. With Promise 20276 chip, the GA-7VAXP-A Ultra provides not only RAID 0(Striping) or RAID 1(Mirroring) function, but also additional two UDMA ATA-133/100 connectors, which allows users to connect total 8 ATAPI devices such as CD-ROM, CD/RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM.
ABIT BH7 800Mhz i845PE Mainboard 20 Mar 2003 -The BH7 is a next generation motherboard for Intel CPUs with Hyper-Threading Technology. The BH7 uses Intel’s 845PE chipset to bring the latest in technology to ABIT’s Intel platform. Only ABIT provides Intel users with 6-channel sound and S/PDIF IN/OUT as a standard feature for improved audio performance. With full support for USB 2.0, AGP4X and onboard LAN, the BH7 gives users an easy way to connect to today’s hottest peripherals. ABIT offers users the MaxIImum Edge by also incorporating Serial ATA150 onboard. ABIT succeeds in creating an Intel PE-based motherboard with full features to ensure longevity and flexibility.


ThermalTake DuctingMod 19 Mar 2003 – In traditional cooler design, the center of the heat sink won’t have any air flow due to the fan hub resists air turbulence. Therefore the air won’t be helpful the heat transfer to the heat sink center . With DuctingMod, air can be blow into the fan ducting and spread the cool air to the heat sink. By eliminating the air turbulence, we not only achieve a better cooling capability, but also decreased the noise level associated with it.”
SiliconImage Sil3112 SATA Controller 14 March 2003

As more and more SATA HD appears in the market, it is time for you to decide which controller card or onboard integrated chipset SATA supporting chipset will you choose to have the best performance.

There are a few manufacturers of SATA supporting chipset. In this review, we are going to take a look at two of them and compare them in terms of performance. This would allow you to have an idea of the difference in performance levels of the chipsets in a non-RAID environment.

Corsair TwinX512-2700LLPT 11 Mar 2003

Corsair, one of the leading ram manufacturers are quick to respond to the demand of gamers and overclockers. As more and more users are into overclocking on the Dual channel DDR boards, Corsair introduces their TWINX series of ram modules. The TWINX series basically consists of two identical modules tested under stringent conditions for low latency, high performance and proven to work well under dual channel ddr systems like the nForce2 and Intel Granite Bay.


AOpen AK79G Max nForce2 IGP 5 Mar 2003

AOPEN AK79G Max features on board video with the capability of GeForce 4MX (8x). It also comes with dual channel DDR266/DDR333/DDR400 for maximum performance. It features other things like nForce Audio Processing Unit (APU), nVIDIA SoundStorm and Dolby Digital Compatible, 10/100Mbps network and integrate 1394 ports. AK79G Max also comes with SerialATA.  AOPEN AK79Max has included some very innovative and unique extra value onto the board. WINBIOS is one such exceptionally new invention which will bring you even more control of your system all from within Windows.

ASRock K7S8X
SiS 746FX
1 Mar 2003

K7S8X has standard features as it aims to be a stable board with above average performance with a slightly lowly tuned ram timings. As the board does not come with important settings like RAS to CAS (2-2-5), it all depends on the manufacturer to tune it for maximum compatibility. Although this board does not have a multiplier control and voltage adjustments, the FSB range is amazing. You can choose from 100 ~ 248 at 1Mhz steppings.


Mitsubishi M320 Mobile Phone 13 Feb 2003

M320 has one of the best standby time. We have been using the M320 in our testing for the past one month and we find that it can last for almost 5 days if we use it sparingly, e.g. a 5 minutes call a day. Battery type : Li-Ion, Battery capacity : 900 mA/h. In fact, we are impressed that the phone actually allows us to set a timer where it will auto-on and auto-off. We set it to turn on at 9am in the morning and auto shut-off at 11pm. We were initially skeptical about it but so far after using it for 1 month, it works flawlessly. This definitely helps to conserve power consumption. for calls, there are Integrated vibrator and you set call alert type selection : ring, silent, vibrate, vibrate & ring, vibrate then ring.

ASUS P4SDX SiS 655 10 Feb 2003

The board we received is the P4SDX Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe edition as its names implies supports lots of important features and they include HT support, Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA RAID (1 x ATA133 + 2x SATA connectors), IEEE 1394, AGP 8x. The package also comes with J-Panel, a 5.25″ front panel for you to connect to 2 x USB 2.0 and the S/PDIF Out + Mic in and Line out.


ECS L7S7A2 SiS 746 31 Jan 2003

ECS L7S7A2 has included all the overclocking features that are not previously found on most ECS boards and they include FSB (1mhz), Vcore, VDimm adjustments, RAM timings. It supports AGP 8x, DDR400, 1394 on board, LAN, 6 x USB 2.0, 6 channel audio. In our tests, the SiS 746 has amazing CC Winstone scores (thanks to its IDE performance). Ok, let’s take a look at some specs first before we check out the gallery and the benchmarks.

Mainboard / ChipsetsGigabyte 8KNXP Ultra / i875 (22 Apr 2003)

AOPEN AX4C Max / i875 (21 Apr 2003)

ASUS P4C800 / i875 (14 Apr 2003)

ABIT NF7-S / nForce2 SPP (5 Apr 2003)

Shuttle MN31N / nForce2 IGP (31 Mar 2003)

EPOX 4PEA800 / Intel i845PE (29 Mar 2003)

Gigabyte 7VAXP-A Ultra / VIA KT400A (23 Mar 2003)

ABIT BH7 / Intel i845PE (20 Mar 2003)

AOPEN AK79G Max / nVIDIA nForce2 (5 Mar 2003)

ASRock K7S8X / SiS 746FX (1 Mar 2003)

ASUS P4SDX / SiS 655 (10 Feb 2003)

ECS L7S7A2 / SiS 746 (31 Jan 2003)

Gigabyte SINXP1394 / SiS 655 (23 Jan 2003)

AOPEN AX45-4D Max / SiS 655 (15 Jan 2003)

SiS 746FX Ref board / SiS 746FX (8 Jan 2003)

Shuttle SN41G2 SFF / nForce2 (6 Jan 2003)

Graphics CardsTyan Tachyon Radeon G9700Pro / Radeon 9700 Pro (15 Apr 2003)

MSI GF4 Ti4200-VTD 8X / nVIDIA GF4 Ti4200/8x (21 Jan 2003)

Gigabyte Maya II GV-R9500pro / ATi Radeon 9500pro (13 Jan 2003)

Mobile Phones / PDAs
Samsung S300 (18 Apr 2003)Samsung T400 (25 Mar 2003)Mitsubishi M320 (13 Feb 2003)SonyEricsson P800 (1 Jan 2003)
Storage (RAM/HD/Controllers)SiliconImage Sil3112 Controller (14 Mar 2003)

Corsair Twinx512-2700llpt (11 Mar 2003)

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ECS L7S7A2 Guide

ECS K7S5A Guide


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