Most were hardly surprised by SIMBA Telecom’s foray into business plans. Presently, such offerings can be found through Singtel, MyRepublic, and Viewqwest, albeit with variations in pricing, package contents, and bundles, with most surpassing the S$100 per month mark.

Regarding SIMBA’s S$80 per month business broadband featuring 10 Gbps, details are scant on whether it includes a Fixed IP solution or a router. What’s clear is its inclusion of cloud-based applications such as LMS learning and training management systems, warehouse management systems, and transport management systems.

Specifics remain elusive at this juncture. Nonetheless, it’s promising that the price for a 10 Gbps broadband service could plummet to just 10% of competitors’ rates.

In choosing a plan, you might need to consider the specific needs of your business, such as the need for static or dynamic IP addresses. Other than that, it would be the reliability, support, and connectivity offered by the various ISPs.

Please note that these prices may vary and it’s always a good idea to check the latest prices on the providers’ websites. (Correct as at 14 May 2024 based on advertised pricing on various telco websites).

The prices aren’t cheap. Singtel for example has plans starting at $120.45/mth for a 500 Mbps to a 10 Gbps plan at $964/mth

Viewqwest only has up to a 500 Mbps at S$95.92 / mth and a 2.5 Gbps plan and it costs S$281.22/mth

M1 has only up to 1 Gbps Fibre BizPac at S$198/mth

By Harry