On 12 September 2023, SIMBA made a significant announcement, revealing that all of its existing 4G plans would undergo automatic upgrades to 5G. This upgrade will encompass all of SIMBA’s current plans, including their prepaid offerings, making them fully 5G NSA enabled.

Users do not need to change their existing SIM card to enjoy the faster speed on their 5G NSA supported handsets.

We’ve been conducting extensive testing of SIMBA’s 5G network since its trial phase, and we were pleasantly surprised by its impressive low latency. Despite having a narrower 5G bandwidth allocation of only 10 MHz (n1 10 MHz in round 2), in contrast to other telecommunications companies that were granted 100 MHz (in round 1) and 25 MHz (in round 2), our speedtest results have shown a wide range, varying from 25 to 190 Mbps, depending on the network traffic.

The anchor bands are 8 and 40, utilizing n1 (2100 MHz). Users will undoubtedly notice significantly improved downlink speeds and a more noticeable boost in uplink speeds.

Up to this point, our dedicated readers and other contributors have diligently mapped out the majority of 5G coverage areas in Singapore. For Android users, the nperf app is available for download, enabling active mapping and further enhancing our understanding of SIMBA’s expanding 5G network

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By Harry