The UEFI BIOS has lots of options for one to tweak. They range from voltage levels, frequency, cpu ratio, load line calibration etc. The following scren shot shows the AI Tweaker in Manual mode. BCLK can be increased but most people couldnt’ get it above 106MHz. The Turbo ratio in our case is set to 44X as we overclock it stable at 44X.

Memory Frequency can be set from the drop down menu list. As we use the Kingston DDR3-2400, we can use XMP Profile instead of manually forcing it to run at DDR3-2400 with explicit ram timings. Of course if you own ram like TEAM or G.Skill DDR3-2666 or even higher, it might run properly provided your memory controller within the processor is capable of doing so.

In this page, we can set the CPU, DRAM, VCCsa, CPU PLL, PCH voltages.

CPU Load-Line calibration can also be set to regular, medium, high, ultra high or extreme for voltage stability durnig overclocking.

CPU voltage cna be set from a min of 0.80v to a maximum of 1.92v


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