ASUS Z87-A Intel Z87 Haswell motherboard Review with Intel Core i7-4770 processor



In the test, we also overclock the board by changing the BIOS options.

In our test, we only have the Core i7-4770 processor. As it is a non-K edition, the CPU Multiplier cannot be adjusted upwards beyond the turbo speed. So we can only set it to a maximum of 39X. In order to do so, you will have to turn off Ai Overclock Tuner and set it to Manual. We set CPU core Ratio to 39 and Sync All Cores.

Do take note that when you adjust the BCLK, the corresponding Target clocks – CPU, DRAM, Cache, DMI/PEG and CPU Graphics Speed will increase automatically based on a ratio. In this case, our CPU graphics speed is using a ratio of 28x. The cache speed is 39x.

Our overclocked speed is 4095 MHz (39 x 105).


In our test, we only change the CPU Vcore and Cache Voltage to 1.30v, likewise for Graphics voltage override.


The Max CPU graphics ratio is set to 28, giving us a Graphics clk at 1484/2 = 742 Mhz (default is 600MHz). The higher the ratio, the higher the graphics core clock and BCLK will have an impact on it.


For more options available in the BIOS, please check page 4 of this review or visit our youtube channel at

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