ASUS Z87-A Intel Z87 Haswell motherboard Review with Intel Core i7-4770 processor

Pictures of the motherboard

The Golden brown colour scheme makes the board stands out from the others. ON board you can find the PCIe 3.0 slots (2nd and third slot from the left) that supports SLI and CF. The leftmost PCIe 2.0 slot supports 2X mode only.  At the rear are the chipsets from ASmedia, Realtek etc. The CPU Socket sits right above the DIMM slots with ample clearing for heatsinks.

There are a few switches on board. The first is EPU and the second is TPU both found next to the SATA ports. TPU can auto overclock based on multiplier or BCLK while the EPU is for energy saving. There is also a push button “DIRECTKEY” on the left side of the board near the print label “SLI”. At any time of the system running process, you can just press it and it will shut down the system and jump into the BIOS setup screen. On the right hand bottom corner is a MEMOK push button which can be used to boot up the system if the DRAM isn’t compatible.

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