ASUS Z87-A Intel Z87 Haswell motherboard Review with Intel Core i7-4770 processor

SiSoft Sandra benchmarks

We first take a look at SiSoft Sandra’s Memory Benchmark comparing the Intel Z87 platform to Z77 and AMD FM2.

The Z87 seems to be slightly slower than the Intel Z77 platform when the processors are running at default clock speeds. In fact, when the processor is overclocked to 39 x 105, we see that the memory performance actually drops. Why is that so?

Sisoft sandra arithmetic memory benchmarksl 4770

In the Arithmetic test, we again put the Intel Core i7-4770 to the test. As we can see from the chart below, the 3rd generation Core i5-3570K is definitely not a match for the new processor which is also run at 3.4GHz. Something we noticed again is that the when we overclock the processor, the performance dropped instead of rise.


Sisoft sandra arithmetic haswell 4770

When it comes to the multimedia performance of the processor, the Core i7-4770 is way faster than the Core i5-3570K by almost 2 fold. Scoring 400Mpixel/s, that is amazingly fast. Running the processor at overclocked speed brought down the performance again.


Sisoft sandra multimedia haswell 4770


In Transcoding test, the results are just the opposite. We see an increase in score when we overclock the processor, scoring 7.08MB/s while the default scores only 5MB/s

Sisoft sandra transcoding haswell 4770


Now, why is it that when we overclock the processor, the performance dropped ? We think that this is largely due to the graphics core clock. On the previous page, we push the MAX CPU Graphics ratio to 28X. This might have given more bandwidth to the graphics unit in the processor and that lowered the arithmetic performance.

It is very apparent that the AMD FM2 with A10-5800K is no match for it’s encoding and processing capability from the results shown above.


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