ASUS Z87-A Intel Z87 Haswell motherboard Review with Intel Core i7-4770 processor

Cinebench x64

As for Cinebench X64 test, the results are quite interesting. As we can see from the chart, the Intel Z87 mainboard ASUS Z87-A with Core i7-4770 performs 37% faster than the Core i5-3570K processor. When overclocked, the frame rate shot up to 32.97 fps.

When it comes to graphical capabilities, the AMD Socket FM2 board paired with A10-5800K outperformed the Intel counterparts with a score of 41.25 fps.

When it comes to the CPU test, ASUS Z87-A scored 8.02 points, Biostar at 3.31 points, ASRock at 5.91points.


Cinebench benchmark ocworkbench haswell Core i7-4770

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