Connecting the ONT to Huawei HG256 Home Gateway

At this moment, if you do not require a Fixed Home Phone Line, you can just plug your own wifi router to the ONT and share out the internet from there. Basically you can imagine the ONT as your ADSL modem or cable modem.

For M1, you can loan for S$2 the Huawei equipment known as the Huawei Residential Gateway device.

Picture : Huawei HG256 Home Gateway

The Huawei Residential Gateway comes with built in WIFI Access point, 4 network ports which you can hook up your PC or other network equipment e.g. IPTV. There is also a RJ11 port for your fixed line telephony services.


Thus it isn’t that complicated to set up your home network to enjoy Fibre speeds of up to 1Gbps at home.