Over the past months, there were many SIMBA users complaining about data roaming overseas. While most users do not face issues, some of the readers simply think that everything is automatic and do not know how to troubleshoot. They think that SIMBA SIM (on roaming) works like a local SIM card that they purchase locally.

We decided to come out with this checklist.

Payment matters

If you are not using a credit/debit card to make auto monthly payments (login and check your monthly cycle, it is not necessarily on the 1st day of the month), you might need to top up the wallet before you depart.

Take note that the line must be active status. If no payment was made every cycle, the line might turn into inactive status due for disconnection.

SIM must be active > 48 hrs

To be roam ready ensure that your SIMBA SIM is slotted into your mobile device at least 48 hours before departure. This allows your SIM to be updated with the latest parameters.

To check if your SIM is roaming ready, SMS <SIMBA> to 1218 if you are in Singapore or DIAL *1218# if you are overseas. Your usage details will be sent to your number via SMS.


On-device settings, please ensure the following:

  • Data settings: Turn on Data Roaming
  • Network selection: Set to Automatic
  • APN settings: Key in TPG to Name and APN

This step is important because most Samsung users can still surf the net locally as their default APN is INTERNET. In fact, if you put ABCDEF or anything as APN it will function in Singapore. Once you are on data roaming, it will fail. So, it is important, set it once to TPG and save it and use it as the active profile for SIMBA.

Enable data roaming on your handset

As you are data roaming with SIMBA SIM, you will need to enable data roaming on your handset.

Go to settings and search for roaming and you will find this screen. Enable data roaming by setting International Roaming to Always. (Xiaomi phone). Other phones may have the option under other menu settings.

Also uncheck the Set daily data limit while roaming if you are a heavy user. You can also set a limit to 2 GB (as seen in the screen shot below).

Japan Roaming Special Requirement – VoLTE must be enabled

If you intend to data roam in Japan. This is something that you need to take note.

To roam successfully, you must ensure that you are have a VoLTE compatible phone. This is a requirement of KDDI.

For Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco users. If you cannot find the VoLTE option in the settings, you can dial this code *#*#86583#*#* to disable carrier detect and the VoLTE option will appear in SIM settings. Turn on VoLTE.

You can use the Phone’s Dialer to make calls in those countries where VoLTE is supported.

Of course, you would also need to adhere to the basic requirements of setting the correct APN etc.

APN Name : TPG



After arriving at your destination, the phone will search for it’s roaming partner network to logon to. If you have done all the steps above and it still takes a long time to connect, try turn on Airplane Mode to On and Off it after 5 seconds, this will allow it to reconnect to the roaming partner network. If it still could not connect automatically, do a manual network search and connect to the partner network (list can be found here).

If all fails, check your APN settings, if you see a new profile ORANGE WORLD, select that as default APN. Either reboot or turn airplane mode off and on again. Let it auto search for a few minutes. If it still fail, do a manual connection to the roaming partner network.

Do note that ORANGE WORLD will be used for most of the European countries, USA, Australia. For countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, it uses the original TPG APN

If you are still unable to connect using the original TPG APN or Orange World APN, there is a high chance your SIM might not be ready for data roaming.

Do take note that for Group A (57 countries), you will only have 1 GB* of data for roaming (Super Roam and My130 plan have a higher data bundle). If you exceed the limit, you will need to top up your SIMBA wallet before you can continue to data roam. As for countries in groups B, C and D, you will need to top up the wallet before you can roam as there is no free data for roaming for these groups of destinations.

Recharge your Account Balance to access roaming data at the 124 destinations. SIMBA rates are charged every 10MB of data usage according to destinations.

  • Group A destinations = $4 per GB
    (excess charges after you have used up your free-roaming data entitlement)
  • Group B destinations = $6 per GB
  • Group C destinations = $15 per GB
  • Group D destinations = $30 per GB

Any comments please post below.