MediaCorp DVB-T2 retuning for Channels Okto, Channel U and Channel NewsAsia

From 4 Jan 2016, Mediacorp will be conducting a retuning exercise for the following digital channels:
Channel NewsAsia
Channel U
for those using DVB-T2 receivers. The retuning must be done by 29 FEB 2016 as you won’t be able to receive the 3 channels on existing preset as they will be reallocated.
Retuning is very simple, just go to Menu and select auto tuning and replace all existing presets and let it search for the available channels (which are reallocated).
After searching, you would have noticed that there will notice the numbers assigned to the channels. There will also see duplicated channels for CNA, U and Okto. That is perfectly all right.
You will know that you have successfully retuned when  You no longer see the crawler message or the ‘How to retune’ message banners on channel buttons 6, 7, and 8.  Ch 5 (HD), Ch 8 (HD), Suria (HD), Vasantham (HD), CNA (HD), Ch U and okto (HD) will occupy channel buttons ‘2’ to ‘8’ on your TV remote control.
In fact, if you have been scanning the channels all these while, you would have notied that the “TEST” channel showing a looping video is now gone and is now allocated to support these CNA, Okto and Ch U.  I guess it is because only a channel can hold up to 2 streams of HD broadcast, thus forcing one of the channels to be reallocated to Channel 33.
The current Channels 27, 29 are allocated to Ch 5 + SURIA, Ch 8 + Vasantham respectively. Channel 31 is Okto, Ch U and CNA. on 1 Mar 2016, it is expected that Ch U might be moved to Channel 33 and will be broadcasted in HD.

By Harry