StarHub TV Rolls Out More HD Content

 Singapore’s largest pay TV operator adds four new HD channels-


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Singapore, 26 August 2014 – StarHub TV is offering even more High Definition (HD) content with the launch of four new HD channels, BBC Knowledge HD (StarHub TV Channel 407) and three free-to-air channels, Channel 8 (HD) (StarHub TV Channel 154), Suria (HD) (StarHub TV Channel 116) and Vasantham (HD) (StarHub TV Channel 156).


Customers with StarHub’s HD Interactive or HubStation HD set-top box will be able to enjoy the new free-to-air HD channels at no additional cost. The free-to-air HD channels come with a language option which will allow customers to select their preferred language for on-screen subtitles (English/Chinese/Bahasa Melayu where available).


The three free-to-air HD channels will be launched on 28 August while BBC Knowledge HD will be launched a day later on 29 August. The channels are HD simulcasts of the respective Standard Definition channels currently carried over StarHub TV. StarHub TV customers who subscribe to BBC Knowledge will have to sign up for the Basic HD Upsize and HD set-top boxes to enjoy the HD version of the channel. The Basic HD Upsize is available at a monthly subscription of $8.56 (with GST).


“The addition of these four HD channels brings our total HD offering to 60 channels. We are constantly working to provide the best viewing experience for our customers and will continue to work with partners to roll out more features such as multiscreen content, and language and timeshift options,” said Ms Lin Shu Fen, Head of Entertainment and SmartLife, StarHub.


Upcoming key programmes on BBC Knowledge HD include Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, which will take viewers on a thrilling adventure to the most remote corners of the globe in search of the most elusive and exotic animals on the planet; Operation Snow Tiger, a series on a team of scientists studying the Siberian Tigers and their declining population; Hidden Kingdoms, where viewers will be transported into magical worlds of tiny creatures living incredible, action-packed lives; and Top Gear, a highly-rated British series on cars and driving.


Customers who wish to enjoy BBC Knowledge HD can add on a monthly subscription of $8.56 (including GST) for the Basic HD Upsize, on top of their existing subscription to the Education Group. The Basic HD Upsize comprises Crime + InvestigationTM HD (StarHub TV Channel 403), Discovery HD World (StarHub TV Channel 461), H2 HD (StarHub TV Channel 402), HISTORYTM HD (StarHub TV Channel 401), National Geographic Channel HD (StarHub TV Channel 457), Nat Geo People HD (StarHub TV Channel 412) and Nat Geo Wild HD (StarHub TV Channel 413). For more information, please visit

By Harry