redONE, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) operating under the Starhub umbrella, proudly announces the debut of its latest offering, the PERFECT 10 plan. This innovative plan is strategically designed to effectively compete in the market while providing customers with an unparalleled mobile experience, comprising abundant local data, messaging, and talk time privileges.

With the PERFECT 10 plan, customers are bestowed with an impressive allocation of up to 100 GB of local data, 100 SMS messages, and 500 minutes of talk time. This robust package ensures users can remain seamlessly connected and engaged with their digital pursuits and communications requirements. Unfortunately, redONE does not come with any roaming data.

Furthermore, redONE has made substantial enhancements to its services by introducing Voice over LTE (VoLTE) capability across all its plans. This enhancement represents a significant stride in telecommunications technology, granting existing subscribers the advantage of swift call setup, superior voice clarity, and the convenience of simultaneous internet browsing during calls.

By Harry