Speedtest and data usage tracking


We visited one of the booth and registered a new line at the counter. The process was smooth. The registration is done with 5 to 10 minutes and the SIM is inserted into my Pixel phone to do some tests.

ViViFi.lite runs on the Singtel network. So, if your current location has good coverage by Singtel, you will get almost the same network signal / speed.

We tested it at Newton MRT station and got the results of 177 Mbps. The Signal strength is LTE+ at -73 dB which is very strong (5 bars/5 bars). OpenSignal also show a similar speed at around 170 Mbps.

OpenSignal speedtest

ViViFi does not provide an app for Android or iOS. Instead, you can login to the online portal at it’s website. The page will be resized automatically to fit the small screen.

After running the tests, the data used is immediately reflected. We still have around 1.62 GB left (out of 3 GB) after running a couple of speedtests. There are 499 minutes and 20 SMS left.