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MSI Gamers’ Gathering at Colosseum at Bugis+
25 June 2014

Earlier today, Corbell, the Singapore distributor and Microstar held the MSI Gamers’ Gathering(SG) at Colosseum Bugis+. It was a gathering of the gamers filled with fun and laughter. The registrants were divided into 5 groups to compete in online game Counter-Strike Global-Ops or  CS-GO.

Team H walked away with SGD 350 CASH PRIZE . It was a close fight between the two top teams H and E. They were competing on CS-GO Arms race match and were Neck to neck. Match point. Golden knife fight out

The runner up walked away with SGD 150 CASH PRIZE.

Here are some of the pictures from the event. (2pages)

IMG_7797 copy

IMG_7809 copy

IMG_7808 copy

IMG_7805 copy

IMG_7801 copy

IMG_7800 copy  IMG_7798 copy

Thunderbolt was last year’s highlight. Although one year has passed, the adoption rate for Thunderbolt seems to be pretty slow. Anyway, Thunderbolt has to step aside as Thunderbolt Plus is here.

MSI, at it’s computex booth show off this new motherboard featuring the Thunderbolt Plus support. Thunderbolt 2 has a maximum bandwidth of 20Gb/s bi-directional and can daisy chain up to 6 Thunderbolt devices and 3 DisplayPort 1.2 monitors.

thunderbolt plus copy

At the booth, something caught my eye and that is the DS4100 Gaming Keyboard. It is super slim. I am sure it would be excellent both gaming and typing.



Last week, we mentioned that most manufacturers might not be showing off their X99 boards as Z97 is still very new. Looks like I am wrong.

At the MSI booth at Computex 2014, the static board is on display.

The motherboard is based on the next generation Intel X99 chipset and spots 8 x DDR4 DIMM slots and has a LGA 2011-13 socket. It also has 4 full length PCIe slots.

ddr4 motherboard copy

MSI showcase world’s first motherboard with USB 3.1. It is capable of supporting up to 10Gbps interface speed.

The USB interface is powered by ASMedia ASM1142 controller and is capable of delivering up to 10Gbps SuperSpeed+ USB bandwidth.

It looks like USB 3.1 could be available on AMD boards too since the M.2 and SATA Express would most likely be an Intel Z97 series.

IMG_1860 copy

Corbell – MSI Intel Z97 Launch Event @ LaSalle College of the Arts
Bt 20 May 2014 [ 5 pages ]


Corbell, the Singapore distributor with Taiwanese manufacturer Microstar launched the Intel Z97 series of motherboards last Friday at LaSalle College of the Arts. Representatives from MSI Taiwan was there and gave a presentation of the different series of Z97 motherboards available. – the overclocking XPOWER and the Gaming series and the Nightblade.

IMG_7709 copy

The focus of the show is the 3rd generation gaming motherboards. They are Z97 Gaming 9 AC, Z97 Gaming 7, Z86 Gaming 3, Z97 Gaming AC etc.


IMG_7734 copy

With 10 new models available in Mini-ITX, microATX and ATX size, the new Z97 GAMING motherboards from MSI are decorated with luscious new heat-sinks that highlight an arsenal of new features found on the boards. With the focus on Speed, Sound and Stability MSI GAMING provides every essential component of a true gaming system and then some! Audio Boost 2 powered by Creative Sound Blaster Cinema2 and USB Audio Power give your ears the detailed and richness in sound they need. On-board M.2, SATA Express and Killer™ LAN provide the best networking and storage performance through unprecedented transfer speeds and extremely low latency. Guard-Pro and Military Class 4 provide all the stability you need through carefully selected and thoroughly tested components and materials. To top this off, every MSI Z97 GAMING motherboard comes with a XSplit Gamecaster premium license to kickstart your on-line streaming of gameplay for both young and aspiring, and seasoned professional gamers. MSI’s new Z97 GAMING motherboards for Intel 4th Generation core processors is a true display of gaming power.

This is how it looks like



Go to game.msi.com for more information on all MSI Z97 GAMING motherboards

Get in the game faster with M.2 & SATA Express

Get in the battle faster with M.2 and SATA Express based storage, the next generation of high speed storage support. With transfer speeds up to 10 Gb/s it offers 167% of the transfer speeds of the older SATA 3.0 interface. All MSI Z97 GAMING motherboards come with an M.2 slot onboard. We offer an optional M.2 to SATA Express converter to ensure compatibility regardless of the selected next-gen storage option.
Audio Boost 2, powered by Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2
MSI Audio Boost 2 takes on-board audio to the next level. Powered by Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2, Audio Boost 2 combines a revolutionary hardware layout for audio on the motherboard with the best customizable audio options like Multi-Channel Speaker Calibration and headphone profiles that dramatically enhance your audio experience. The Sound hardware is not only EMI shielded and separated from the motherboard, the power to the high quality amplifiers and audio components is delivered through the unique Direct Audio Power connector. This ensures clean power delivery for the audio components and combined with the electrical shielding provides the highest level of on-board audio ever experienced.
Lethal competitive gaming with Killer™ LAN
Whether you are a casual or pro-gamer, network lag kills. MSI Z97 GAMING motherboards feature Killer high-performance networking and provide the highest level of control and networking speed for video streaming and gaming. A Smooth, stutterfree network is a must in today’s world of on-line gaming, where a single packet of network data can make the difference between a win or a loss, Killer™ makes sure that it arrives.
Continuous clear audio, USB Audio Power

MSI GAMING motherboards with USB Audio Power are the perfect solution for headsets and external audio DACs connected through USB. The optimized power design of MSI GAMING motherboards ensures a consistent 5 Volt power delivery on USB ports. This way the signal quality is always optimal regardless of the amount of devices connected, this is critical for USB. Thanks to MSI USB Audio Power you’ll always enjoy crystal clear audio from USB audio devices.
GAMING engineered to perfection

MSI continues to showcase its love for GAMING products by crafting each Z97 GAMING motherboard to perfection. From the inspiring new heat sink based on a Dragon’s claw, a cleaner layout around the CPU socket, matte black PCB across the entire line-up and impressive M-Shield I/O panel cover it’s an inspiring sight for gamers. Details make the difference.
The most stable and power efficient motherboards
MSI uses award-winning Military Class 4 components. Military Class 4 is the next step in high quality components. Hi-C CAPs, Solid CAPs, Dark CAPs, together with SFC and Dark Chokes, ensure your PC runs stable under extreme conditions. These key components have all passed extreme testing ensuring stable operation in the harshest environments. The core of Military Class 4 is based on Guard-Pro, a set of tools which increases your stability in the worst conditions, featuring ECO power, circuit protection, humidity protection, high temperature protection, EMI protection and ESD protection. ECO power features MSI ECO Center which allows you to physically cut the power to unused chips to reach up to 29% powersaving.


Corbell and MSI launches new generation of gaming notebooks featuring exclusive technologies

2013-05-20 17.24.29

Are you a gamer ? If the answer is Yes, you would probably want to do away bulky motherboard and graphics card and go for a gaming notebook. Corbell with MSI yesterday launches a series of gaming notebooks featuring the next generation Intel processors. The new machines features high end discrete graphics which will perform just as good as the desktop machines. The new gaming notebooks comes with new exclusive features like Super Raid 2, Cooler Boost 2, Matrix Display and Killer Doubleshot. A speed booster Super Raid 2 makes reading and writing speed 15 times faster than the speed of using one hard disk using up to 3 SSD + 1 HDD in a RAID 0. Cooler Boost 2 blows heat away and keeps your palm cool. Matrix Display let you work multi-tasking with up to 4 monitors and Killer Doubleshot let you respond faster in time-conscious FPS games with lower latency. The models are GT70 Dragon edition 2 and GT70 2OD, GX70 3BE, GE70 2OE, and brand new products GS70 and GE40 2NC.


2013-05-20 16.27.39 2013-05-20 16.28.21 2013-05-20 16.37.53


While most of the features are available on most Gaming series notebooks, only the high end GS70 and GT70 has Killer Doubeshot and GT70 has Super RAID2 2013-05-20 16.40.00

MSI GT70-2OD is the Latest gaming notebook powered by the u pcoming Intel 4th generation processor. The model comes with 16GB DDR3 running at 1600MHz which is upgradable to 32GB.

It runs Windows 8 and has a discrete graphics powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX780M 4GB GDDR5. The large 17.3″ Full HD 1920×1080 is Anti glare with LED backlit. It complements the Steelseries Gaming Keyboard in full colour.

MSI GT70-20D also equipped the notebook with it’s exclusive Matrix Display allowing a maximum of up to 4 displays to be hooked up to the notebook in extension mode or surround mode (combined as one display).

For gaming speed, this new gaming notebook comes with Super Raid 2. It is powered by 3 128GB SSD and a 750GB 7200RPM HDD.

For lower gaming latency, the notebook incorporates the Killer Doubleshot (wired+wireless)- Killer N1202 Combo (2*2 a/b/g/n)+BT4.0.

For multimedia, it comes with a BluRay Writer. For longer battery life it comes with a 9 Cell 7800mAh battery pack and 2 yrs warranty (1 yr international).

2013-05-20 17.21.27

MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 is MSI’s FM2 board with some great overclocking potential. From the usual vast range of options in BIOS. It also has voltage probes for you to measure the voltages in real time using probes.

In addition, it comes with OC Genie II which allows you one press overclocking. Just press it before powering up and it will auto overclock it to a safe overclocking level to boost your system performance within stable limits for daily usage.

In our test, MSI is a bit conversative as it clocks up the A10-5800K to 39 x 105MHz giving it a boost to the system to 4GHz. This is surprising because the turbo speed is 4.2GHz. No matter what, the overclocked speed is within the Turbo speed which should give it a boost without compromising stability.




MSI MPOWER 2012 Lanuch
14 Sep 2012

MSI Taiwan and Corbell Singapore, the distributor of Microstar motherboards and graphics card hold a end user event at the Colonial @ Scotts.

At the show, MSI showcase their Z77 MPOWER motherboard series  the LIGHTNING VGA card series.


 The Z77 MPOWER has a nice yellow-black colour scheme which pairs nicely with the lightning series of VGA cards. MSI’s new series features on stability during overclocking, the so called ” OC Certified “.

The board goes through a military class burn in test with Prime 95 running 24 hrs with a lquid cooled overclocked CPU to ensure stability. In addition, it uses enhanced PWM cooling and provide better power stability.

Component wise, it has military class III that features DrMOS II, hi-C CAP, SFC (Super Ferrite Choke) and Solid caps. The enhanced power includes an enhanced PWM design with Hybrid digital power. There is enhancement on its thermal with it’s twin froze IV based design a total fan control on board.

In addition, it supports Debug LED, Multi BIOS II, V-CHeck Points, Easy Button 3, Clear Cmos button for the end user to overclock it easily.

Software wise, it has Click BIOS II which features a unified GUI under Windows and UEFI. System settings can be adjusted using the mouse or even LCD touch screen. For those who are new to Overclocking, it now comes with OC Genie II 1 sec overclocking. Just press the button and watch it auto overclocked.

The MSI GT 70 gaming laptop is the high end notebook based on the running the ivy bridge processor. This new notebook features integrated USB 3.0 and comes with 2 SSD which is configured to run in a RAID 0 array.

The laptop running on Super Raid mSATA (64GBx02) achieves a high speed of 921.3MB/s read speed on average. Check out the screen shot below :

It is a known fact that Apple products tends to draw more current than the usual gadgets from other manufacturers. As there are plenty of USB ports on motherboards or notebooks, the tendency of plugging in to the PC for quick charge is quite the norm for most readers.

On the left is the charger for iPhone 3GS. On the right is the charger with adapter (middle) for new generation iPad.

In the past, we have iPhone 3GS that charges real slowly on the standard USB ports.  This changed when Gigabyte introduced their 3X USB Power. Basically, other manufacturers followed suit by throwing in a driver which allows the USB port to output ~1A instead of the usual 500mA.  This speeds up the charge time by almost 2X.

Other manufacturers – ASUS, ECS, MSI, BIOSTAR, ASROCK all has similar products allowing you to ‘quick charge’ your Apple device. Unfortunately, the software will only work with their own brand and models of motherboards.

The picture above shows the original iPhone 3GS USB power adaptor with Input of 100-240v 0.15A, output 5v, 1A.

For notebook users, manufacturers seldom update drivers and you will usually end up with “Charging with this accessory is not supported”. We did some research and found out that ASUS AI CHARGER works on my HP Envy 14″ notebook. You can download the software, install and reboot your machine. Once you plug in your iPhone or iPad, you will see it charging with 1A.

The picture above shows the new charger that outputs 2.5A, 250V and the adaptor has an input of 100-240v 0.45A and output at 5.1V 2.1A.

The new Apple iPad was released a couple of weeks ago. We did an experiment, charging it using with an iPhone 3GS charger. It simply took forever to charge. We estimate that it takes around 1 hr to charge 10%. If the standard iPhone charger takes so long to charge, we can confirm that the new iPad probably require more power to charge it.

We then tried it on our HP notebook and ASRock NetPC (both with USB boosting software installed). Both machines have no problems detecting  and charging it (prior to installing the driver, it won’t even charge it).

We took a look at the charger and noticed the differences in the iPad and iPhone charger, the output rating is quite different. With the driver installed, the iPad can still be charged but it will be at half the speed compare to if you charge from the power plug supplied.

The question now remains if motherboard manufacturers design a specific USB charge port just to output 2A for charging the iPad ? Would you rather charge your iPad with the accompanied charger or buy another board with such a feature ? Discuss.

MSI Z68 (G3) / H61 (G3) mainboard supports Intel next generation ivy bridge 22nm processors with BIOS update. So, if you own one of these boards, you can just update the BIOS and run your new processor on the existing Z68 or H61 board listed below.

Models Chipset BIOS Version
Z68A-GD80 (G3) Z68 Coming Soon!
Z68A-GD65 (G3) Coming Soon!
Z68A-GD55 (G3) Coming Soon!
Z68A-G45 (G3) Coming Soon!
Z68A-G43 (G3) Coming Soon!
Z68S-G43 (G3) Coming Soon!
Z68MA-G45 (G3) Coming Soon!
Z68MA-G43 (G3) Coming Soon!
H61M-G35 (G3) H61 30.2
H61M-P35 (G3) Coming Soon!
H61M-P31 (G3) 2.3
H61M-P25 (G3) Coming Soon!
H61M-P23 (G3) Coming Soon!
H61M-P20 (G3) 1.5
H61M-E23 (G3) Coming Soon!



MSI X79A-GD45 Intel X79 Mainboard Review
Bluetooth 2 Dec 2011

The MSI X79A-GD45 is the first 4 models of Intel X79 Express chipset mainboard released by MSI in NOV 2011 just in time for the launch of the new Intel LGA2011 processor.

Today, we take a look at the MSI X79A-GD45. The board spots 3 full length Gen 3 PCIe x 16 slots with  PCI_E1 & PCI_E4 support up to PCIE x16 speed and PCI_E6 supports up to PCIE x8 speed. It supports both CrossFire X and SLI. There is another 4 PCIe x1 slots. It supports four unbuffered DIMM of 1.5 Volt DDR3 1066/1333/1600/1800*/2133*/2400* (OC) DRAM, 64GB Max.

There a 6 SATA ports on the board which

• SATAII controller integrated in Intel® X79 chipset
– Up to 3Gb/s transfer speed.
– Supports four SATAII ports (SATA3~6) by X79

• SATAIII controller integrated in Intel® X79 chipset
– Up to 6Gb/s transfer speed.
– Supports two SATAIII ports (SATA1~2) by X79
– SATA1~6 ports support Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (AHCI / RAID 0/1/5/10) by Intel X79

There are 2 USB 3.0 chipset by NEC supporting the internet and rear I/O USB 3.0 ports.

Audio wise, it uses Realtek ALC892 8ch audio chip, It also comes with Realtek 8111E GbE and 1394 by VIA VT6315N.

Specifications are usually quite similar but the features and components used differs from one to another.

The MSI X79A-GD45 uses Military Class III components.In addition to the use of Hi-c CAP, SFC, and Solid CAP, MSI now incorporates DrMOS II, the next-generation DrMOS that provides an integrated Double Thermal Protection to maximize the lifespan of components. All Military Class III components have passed MIL-STD-810G certification, making MSI’s Military Class III components synonymous with premium quality and ultimate stability.

Instead of the boring UEFI BIOS, MSI introduces ClickBIOS II, providing a consistent interface between BIOS and in WIndows with touch screen support.

MSI incorporates a  gold-plated layer in the 2-in-1 PS2 and optimized USB ports to 30um to meet the demand of professional gamers. Besides enhancing mouse sensitivity in games, these improved interfaces deliver a longer lifespan and better stability of connectors and total solution for e-sports mouse control in UEFI BIOS.

Other features include SuperCharger, M-Flash, APS (active phase switching), Winki 3, Liveupdate 5, USB Safeguard, Instant OC, 3TB+ Infinity.

The package also comes with a Overclocking Guide which is very useful even for long time overclockers. It is a must read for everyone.

On the next page, we take a look at the mainboard layout followed by the BIOS.

The MSI X79 Big Bang-XpowerII is the board that will be well liked by overclockers, power users and gamers. Featuring 6 full length PCIe 3.0 slots, it offers the maximum expandability for graphics cards, supporting both Quad NVIDIA SLI or AMD Quad CrossFire X. It supports the next generation LGA2011 processor with quad channel memory architecture. The board also has 8 DIMM slots capable of supporting up to DDR3-2400(OC).

Multimedia capabilities wise, it supports X-Fi sound Loseless HD audio. It also has dual GbE LAN, USB Safeguard feature.

On board you will also find OC Genie, the auto overclocking button. There is also MultiBios, Debug LED on the left bottom corner of the board.

The components are Military class certified to last longer than others under extreme conditions.

MSI launches the world’s first PCI Express Gen 3 mainboard
and exclusive Click BIOS II with unified interface


Z68A-GD80 (G3)-PLA_phbo-resized [Taipei, Taiwan] MSI, the world-renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, officially launches the Z68A-GD80 (G3), featuring world’s first large bandwidth PCI Express Gen 3 mainboard, and the latest UEFI technology: Click BIOS II which features a homogenous interface both under Windows and the UEFI interface. Conforming to Intel’s latest design standard, the MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3) with PCI Express Gen 3 provides a data transfer rate that is 200% faster than PCI Express Gen 2, enhancing the performance of graphics cards without bandwidth limitations. Click BIOS II, allows simple and intuitive system adjustments in both Windows and the UEFI interface! In addition, Z68A-GD80 (G3) utilizes MIL-810STD Certified Military Class II components and are equipped with OC Genie II technology which increases the performance of hard drive up to 457%. The MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3) enables next generation superior performance with PCI Express Gen 3 and OC Genie II, ultimate stability with certified Military Class II components and an extreme user-friendly Click BIOS II interface both in Windows and in the UEFI BIOS.

If you want to own the highest specification, components and the most superior performance and technology, the best choice is MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3). The product is expected to hit the market in the very early Q3 2011 as the first PCIe Gen 3 mainboard available in the global market.

The world’s 1st PCI Express Gen 3 Mainboard – unparalleled performance

With the Z68A-GD80 (G3) MSI introduces the world’s first PCI Express Gen 3 mainboard. With ultra-high 32GB/s transfer bandwidth, PCI Express Gen 3 is 200% faster than PCI Express Gen 2. This allows the MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3) to process huge amounts of data and information, maximizing the performance of AMD CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU solutions.

MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3) is backwards compatible with all the devices with PCI Express 2.0 or older devices already available on the market and enhances their performance considerably. For example, PCI Express 2.0 SSD devices on MSI Z68-GD80 (G3) mainboards perform 14% faster than on competitors mainboards.

Click BIOS II with unified interface – provides the best experience

ClickBIOS IIAs an industry leader of UEFI technology, MSI

revolutionizes the industry again with the world’s first UEFI BIOS which utilizes a unified graphical interface in both Windows and in the UEFI BIOS, Click BIOS II. Click BIOS II brings the ease of a clear, unified interface with all the benefits of MSI’s UEFI interface. This allows both die-hard overclockers or first-time system users to get the maximum out of their system through an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface. This interface supports all traditional input devices like a Keyboard, Mouse or new touch-screen interfaces for the most flexibility.

OC Genie II unleashes total system power

OC Genie2MSI’s exclusive OC Genie II provides stunning system performance within a single push of a button and unleash the true performance of CPU, memory and integrated graphics all at once. By maximizing system performance and guaranteeing the most stable condition, it gives users the best benefits in the shortest time. When measuring with industry-standard benchmarking software such as 3DMark Vantage and PCMark Vantage, the results show that OC Genie II boosts 3D game performance up to 145% and hard drive reading speed up to 457% along with Intel Smart Response Technology.

Military Class II brings top quality and stability

Military Class IIMSI has equipped all its Z68 mainboards with the leading-edge Military Class II components. In addition to Hi-c CAPs made out of the rare element Tantalum and the Solid CAPs with a lifespan longer than 10 years, Military Class II includes Super Ferrite Choke (SFC) that provides 30% more power and is 10% more efficient. Military Class II components ensure ultimate stability and performance under any circumstance.

The MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3) and Z68A-GD65 (G3) both provide exclusive next generation PCI Express Gen 3 with support for NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX and Virtu smart switchable graphics visual technology as well as MSI exclusive technologies like ClickBIOS II, OC Genie II, Military Class II Standard components.

Please contact your local agent or visit MSI official website www.msi.com to get more information about Z68A-GD80 (G3

MSI Displays Industry-First Military Class II Standard


ExclusiveOC Genie II technology boosts Z68 performance to 457%!

Brandnew AMD 9-Series mainboards with Military Class II components launch with greatpower!

The world’s second largest (and Asia’s largest) IT event — COMPUTEXTAIPEI 2011 — will be held at all exhibition halls of the Taipei World TradeCenter (TWTC) from May 31 to June 4.  MSI, the world-leading manufacturerof mainboards and graphic cards, will be at Booth L607 in TWTC NangangExhibition Hall A, where the unrivaled power and sensational performance of MSIproducts will surely attract attention.  MSI will display the best of itsbest products at the show, including products that have passed theuncompromised US Military Standards (Military Class II Series) and the latestIntel Z68 mainboards equipped with the MSI-exclusive OC Genie II.

Also shown are the latest Military Class II AMD 9-Series mainboards,with easy overclocking and core unlocking, and the flagship-level BigBang-Marshal (B3) mainboard equipped with eight PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots, the mostin the industry, and the premium Creative X-Fi MB2 sound processor – the bestchoice for gamers with its superb gaming performance and sound effects.

MilitaryClass II: Certified for Military Quality Assurance

Only the strictest testing standards to achieve the best quality!

The launch of the MilitaryClass standard has changed the IT industry, and although competitors followedsuit immediately, military-class components are only found in the highest tierof products.  As a quality perfectionist, MSI has equipped all thelatest Intel Z68/P67/H67 mainboards and AMD 9-Series mainboards with Military ClassII components, including Hi-c CAPs, SFCs and Solid CAPs to meet the rigorous USMilitary Standards.

These include the low pressure test, high temperature test, lowtemperature test, temperature shock test, humidity test, vibration test andshock test. In either extreme OC or severe environments, MSI mainboards canalways fulfill the performance and quality expectations of users.

OC Genie II – Smart OCTechnology: Performance and Power Beyond Compare on Z68

Although the Military Class II Standard has made MSI mainboardsflawless, the new-generation OC Genie II smart overclocking technology booststhe performance of MSI mainboards far beyond the imagination. Continuing thelevel of accessibility of its previous generation, the OC Genie II makes OCeven easier.  Users can activate OC in three different ways: press thebutton on the mainboard; turn it on from BIOS; or activate from the OSapplication. In just one second, OC Genie II can unleash optimal performancefrom your system.

The latest MSI Z68 Series is one of the key products at theshow.  In addition to Military Class II components, it is also equippedwith the Intel Smart Response Technology, tailored for SSDs to enhance dataread/write speed. Combined with the MSI-exclusive OC Genie II, users can boostthe performance of their Z68-based platforms up to 457% to get way ahead ofcompetitors. The MSI Z68 Series also supports both integrated and discretegraphic displays for added flexibility and power saving capability.

Military Class II with AMD 9-Series: Unlock Cores, OC and NVIDIASLI/AMD CrossFireX All in One

TheMSI AMD 9-Series will make its debut appearance at Computex 2011. Apart fromMilitary Class II components to maintain stable operations in OC and high-loadstates, the MSI OC Genie II can significantly boost clock speeds and unlockcores in AMD CPUs to boost performance to 248%! The MSI AMD 9-Series alsosupports NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX for multiple-display – up to fourgraphic cards at the same time.

Big Bang-Marshal (B3): The mainboard tailor forpower users

MSI’s Big Bang-Marshal (B3) is set to deliver the most powerfulmainboard for enthusiasts – Military Class II components, eight PCI-E 2.0 x16slots (the most in the industry), and the premium Creative X-Fi MB2 soundprocessor for users to enjoy unrivaled gaming performance, uncompromised systemstability and outstanding sound effect.

The 24-phase DrMOS power supply design ensures performance andstability required for any OC operations.. while the dual 8-pin power supplyand additional 6-pin VGA supply ensure stable power supply for both theprocessor and graphics card in OC state for optimal performance.

INTEL Shows X79 mainboards ASUS CIX79 Deluxe, ASROCK X79 Extreme4, Gigabyte GD X79A-UD3 and the MSI X79A-GD65

Intel has a LOT of motherboards on display, the more prominent onces however are based on the X79 chipset, Intels next gen enthusiast platform with 2011-pin LGA socket, the Sandy Bridge-E (enthusiast) processor that features a massive quad-channel DDR3 memory controller and 32+ lane PCI-Express 2.0 hub, and the X79 chipset. Intel might actually skip the 6-series chipset family with its next high-end platform chipset as the platform is slated for Q4 2011 already, though Z68 will still be launched, but as a Premium chipset.